About The Peoples of Nigeria


The Peoples of Nigeria is a children's chapter book that takes the young Nigerian reader on a journey around the country to meet 30 children from 36 ethnic groups.

Your children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren will learn about the food, clothing, arts, and customs of the major ethnic groups in Southern, Central, and Northern Nigeria.

The Peoples of Nigeria book features important cultural aspects like the famous Benin Bronzes of the Benin kingdom, the art of calabash carving in Marghi culture, the rich culture of Yoruba weddings, the heritage of fishing of the Ijaw people, the age-old tradition of fabric dyeing in Hausa culture and the art of pottery of the Gbagyi people. 


With every turn of the page, the reader is introduced to an 8-year-old child from a different ethnic group narrating different elements of their culture. Six of the thirty children in the book are from inter-tribal families. These characters will describe cultural elements from the two ethnic groups they belong to. The stories are told from a child-to-child perspective. 

The 8-year-old character from each ethnic group will tell the reader about where they live in Nigeria, the climate of their town or city, traditional occupation, and the customs of their people. They will also explain their culture, including their traditional food, clothing, and other fun parts of their culture like festivals, music, dance, and art.