About The Peoples of Nigeria

The Peoples of Nigeria is a children's chapter book that takes the young Nigerian reader on a journey around the country to meet 30 children from 36 ethnic groups.

Your children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren will learn about the food, clothing, arts, and customs of the major ethnic groups in Southern, Central, and Northern Nigeria.

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About Olúwalãnú

Olúwalãnú Agusto is a writer, sociologist, self-taught illustrator, and culture blogger.

For over two years, Olúwalãnú has been conducting both qualitative and field research to learn about the different cultures across Nigeria.

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  • There's so much more to Nigeria!

    Today, many Nigerian adults only know the cultural aspects of our three major ethnic groups. The Peoples of Nigeria will raise new generations of Nigerians with better ethnic knowledge and relations.

  • Let's respect each other

    Acknowledging and respecting the differences in each other's cultures will help us build unity and a greater sense of identity as Nigerians.

  • Africa to the World!

    Outside of Africa, many people do not know the cultures and the peoples on the continent. Changing that will allow us to export our local products to the rest of the world.

"Africa cannot thrive if Africans do not know about Africa."

Olúwalãnú Agusto

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