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Hi, I'm Olúwalãnú 

3 years ago today, on October 1st, Nigeria's Independence Day, I had an idea to create a children's book to educate young children about the ethnic groups in my country. 
3 years later on the same day, I am here to introduce The Peoples of Nigeria to you. 
A book I call my love letter to every Nigerian child. I grew into an adult not knowing a lot about the beautiful cultures and ethnic groups in my country. 
I decided to change that for the next generation. 


Over the last 3 years, I have interviewed over 120 Nigerians from different ethnic groups. I have traveled to 12 states in Nigeria to experience the culture of some of the listed ethnic groups. I have read uncountable articles and watched so many videos to be able to write and illustrate this one-of-a-kind book. All I need now is your help to bring the Peoples of Nigeria to life. 



Oluwalanu Agusto is a trained sociologist, copywriter, and self-taught illustrator. She holds a BA in sociology from Syracuse University in New York, a diploma in copywriting from Miami Ad School, and an MSc in mass communication from Florida International University, both in Florida. 

Oluwalanu is a Nigerian culture enthusiast. She began teaching herself how to illustrate in 2015 in order to create Lagos’s first Snapchat geo-filter. 

After getting the geo-filter approved, she continued to create Lagos-inspired illustrations with her brand called iheartLagos. In 2018, Oluwalanu decided to take her love for culture outside of Lagos and began creating illustrations about other parts of Nigeria. Wanting to create these illustrations pushed her to research more about the culture of Nigerian ethnic groups, which she had never been taught.

While pursuing a dual master’s degree in copywriting and strategy at Miami Ad School and Florida International University, Oluwalanu was pushed to think beyond advertising, to create things that the world needed and for her, that meant what Africans needed. 

Oluwalanu decided she wanted to tell stories that aren’t largely celebrated but she believed should be. She is passionate about helping African children grow up with a good knowledge of the continent and deep love for their cultures. 

In 2021, Oluwalanu began traveling around Nigeria, telling stories about our rich and diverse cultures and sharing them on her social media and blog. These stories not only teach people what it truly means to be African but to see the value and beauty in our cultures. 

Today, Oluwalanu is writing and illustrating her first children’s book titled, “The Peoples of Nigeria”. A chapter book that will teach the Nigerian child, the culture of 36 Nigerian ethnic groups with short stories from 30 fictional children from across families across Nigeria.